“Esa-Pekka Salonen is the principal conductor of the Philharmonia Orchestra in London. His career took off when he stood in at the last minute for a sick conductor when he was just 25. Almost 25 years later, he was recently named conductor of the year.” - BBC News



1. Love the music

I think the most important thing is passion, you really have to love the music. You have to love the music more than you love yourself in a way. I didn't have any great dreams of conducting as a kid but I loved music for sure.


6. Stay in shape

Conducting can be quite hard work. If someone who wasn't used to it tried to stand up and hold their arms above their shoulders for two hours, I think most people would faint. We eat out all the time after concerts too and we eat late, so it's easy to over indulge.

I try and stay in shape so I run. Exercise for me is a mental experience, it's my own time. Sometimes after a week or two you can feel like you have totally exhausted your social capabilities, at which point to be totally alone is fine to recharge. It takes a lot of energy to keep a large group of people focused.


7. Get a good stick

I get all my conducting sticks in [Harry Potter's] Diagon Alley. No, not really, all by batons are made by a third generation stick maker in Tokyo..


8. Make little excursions outside your comfort zone daily
I think the biggest danger for young people is to do too much too soon. Make little excursions outside your comfort zone daily or at the very least weekly, otherwise you will stagnate and that would be a mistake.

Find the balance between safety and danger. You cannot exist in the danger zone but also shouldn't exist solely in safety and that is without any exceptions. It is OK to take your time. Being a Finnish person, things can be quite slow so it took me seven years to talk to my wife for the first time. We've been married for 22 years now, so it was worth the wait.

COMFORT ZONE永遠甜蜜,也永遠陷阱。

9. Tweet

I think it's so important to engage in these things. Why would we be any different to other art forms? Why wouldn't we have to engage with our audience? That's one of the problems that classical music has had, we think we are the mountain to which everyone else has to come.

I cannot assume that people automatically want to come to a concert, listen to something written 200 years ago, performed by people wearing clothes from the 1880s, conducted by a man or woman making ritual movements that seem to be vaguely connected with what is going on.

Our duty is to communicate to the world and let people know what we are doing. It is an arrogant and stupid thought that classical music should somehow exist in a bubble.




對啊以上這篇article就是我的最愛jonny greenwood推的。

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